2024 Faculty Elections are Concluded

Hi Folks,

Our elections are now concluded, and thank you to all that were willing to stand for election.  The faculty are the consistent backbone of our institution.  Our collective memory and expertise are needed to lead the College, so thank you for your commitment to shared governance.   Please find below this year’s winners.

BCAHE President

  • Lindsay Haney

BCAHE Vice President

  • Sue Nightingale

BCAHE Adjunct Affairs Officer

  • Taylor Dalrymple

BCAHE Secretary

  • Alicia DeHart

BCAHE Treasurer

  • Chace Stiehl

BCAHE Executive Council – Adjunct Members  (Vote for three; all members vote for both Adjunct and FT members, three in each race)

  • Cara Diaconoff
  • Carol Whitaker (Leffall)
  • Sue Cox

BCAHE Executive Council – Full-Time Members  

  • Elena Maans-Lorincz
  • Heidi Richter
  • Jennifer Parada

BCAHE Political Action Committee  

  • John Lott

WEA-Representative Assembly Delegate

  • Carol Whitaker (Leffall)
  • Ty Saxon
  • Tony Akhlaghi
  • Christina Sciabarra

Sabbatical Leave Committee

  • Deepti Karkhanis
  • Stephanie Hurst

Tenure Review Committee

  • David Lopez-Kopp
  • Tim Jones

Dismissal Review Committee

  • Jennifer Laveglia

Dismissal Review Committee – Replacement Position 

  • Ann Minks

Tenured Faculty Promotion Review Committee

  • Brian Casserly
  • Winnie Li

Chair — Student Academic Grievance Committee

  • Suzanne Marks*
  • Gwynne Crowder**

Program Review Committee Seat 2 

  • Brett Goldston

FACTC Representative

  • Cynthia Weintraub

*Winner has resigned.  A call for nominations for the 2024-2025 SAG Chair will go out shortly, and a new election will follow as needed.

**Wins special election and will serve as the 2024-2025 SAG-Chair.