Approving Contracts and Noting FTEF for Governance Requirements

Hi Folks,

The days of getting a paper Personnel Action Form (PAF) are officially in the rearview mirror. This is good in a lot of ways, but it does require that you can navigate ctcLink.   Contracts are now on ctcLink and you need to be able to access them for obvious reasons like accepting the work and verifying you are being paid correctly.   However, you also need to access them to see your FTE (load percentage) to monitor benefits eligibility and determine governance responsibilities if you are a promoted adjunct.   (For more on Governance responsibilites for adjuncts check out this other post: Governance Responsibilities for Promoted Adjuncts

Please follow this link: How to View your Contracts for an easy tutorial on how to get to your contracts (past and present) and be sure to note where to find the FTEs so you can calculate your expected governance hours.