BIPOC Advancement Grants

Hi Folks,

We just wanted to remind folks that we set aside money for BIPOC Advancement Grants last year.   We didn’t get much interest, but we did get some.  We know the pandemic has been sapping our energies, but we are hoping for a brighter future ahead, and in anticipation of that your Executive Council has once again budgeted money for these grants.   We are hoping for renewed interest as conditions improve.

Please see below for details from our original notice to faculty last academic year (November 2020).

As you know the BCAHE, your faculty union, has been tackling broader equity issues this year to help make our institution a better place.  We’ve been working with administrators to help them understand contractual flexibilities that help them pursue equity goals.  We’ve once again begun to review the CBA to identity improvements that can be made to benefit systemically non-dominant groups, and given our unique budget year we’ve been able to reallocate some BCAHE funds that would have been spent on meetings, PD day, etc to create a fund to advance systemically non-dominant faculty.   This fund will award grants for activities that advance progress, equity, or community for systemically non-dominant faculty here on campus.   Given the moment we currently inhabit, and in recognition of our collective history, preference will be given to requests that immediately impact BIPOC faculty members; however, we will consider any requests that are geared toward advancing systemically non-dominant faculty groups.

We’d love for you to tell us what you’ve always wanted to start, but haven’t been able to fund.  We’d love for you to tell us how you would like to change what you are doing, but just can’t get the resources to do it.  The union is in a unique position to assist.   We don’t have as much money as the institution, obviously–but we aren’t restricted in the same ways as the College either.   We might be in a much better position to help with community building than the College is, despite the College traditionally being the font of several affinity groups.  We might also be in a position to fund some career development stuff that the College legally cannot, or may not have an interest in.    In any event, this is faculty money and we can spend it on things that are important to us and improve the lives of our members.

Lastly, we don’t want to give the impression that you have to submit some big sweeping project to get funding.  Small ideas that plant a seed and can grow are great.  The BCAHE will certainly be looking for ideas that are actionable and will produce results, even if they are non-tangible results, like community or safer spaces.    We are hoping to play a meaningful role in helping our members create the sort of opportunities and space that will help our faculty flourish.

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