An Opportunity to Support Adjuncts

Member Rally

The WEA/AFT Contingent Faculty Issues Committee is asking you to support adjunct faculty by signing a petition that calls on SBCTC to take action for Pay Parity and Job Security for Part-Time & Contingent Faculty. CFIF would also like to invite supporters to the next SBCTC meeting where we have been invited to speak. The…

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Act Today: Please help us support our community college students!

  Act Today to Help us Support our Community College Students! Senate Bill 5194 addresses social injustices and poverty through our community colleges. It calls for eliminating obstacles for first-generation, underrepresented minority, and disabled students and demands that colleges be accountable for campus equity and inclusion via financial support; guided pathways; mentorships; advising; counseling; integrated…

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Time is NOW! – Legislative Update

Your help is needed! Like us, our state representatives have a lot on their plates as they currently meet in the 2021 legislative session. BCAHE Secretary – Treasurer Chace Stiehl warned last spring that we would likely face decreased funding for higher education in this budget year, and he was right. The session is starting…

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