Completing Your Adjunct Performance Review/Evaluations

Performance REVIEWS occur in the 2nd and 5th quarters of employment. Performance EVALUATIONS occur in the 8th quarter of employment and then every 3 years thereafter. This workshop will answer any contractual questions you have and offer support for completing reviews and evaluations. Join Zoom Meeting: Questions? Taylor: or Tobi:

How to Read Your ctcLink Paycheck

Want to know what all those deductions from your paycheck are? Want to know what OASI, Herp Sup, FSA or DCAP mean? Come join this Zoom meeting and we'll walk through the paycheck site in CTCLink and learn all about what those abbreviations mean. Open to BCAHE members. Wednesday, May 3 1:30-2:30 p.m. Join Zoom…

Benefits 201 for Adjuncts

Curious about your healthcare benefits options? There are a variety of benefits offered to BC employees that you might be missing out on. Representatives from BCAHE and HR will cover major benefits and how they might be right for you. Join Zoom Meeting: Questions?   Tobi:

Unemployment Insurance Benefits

If you are an adjunct faculty, you may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits at the end of the quarter! Come to this workshop to determine your eligibility and learn how to file for benefits. Open to BCAHE members. Join Zoom Meeting: Questions? Tobi:  

OETA Phase 2 Due Dates

Completion of Phase 2 by the end of Spring will qualify you for the early incentive bonus.  To qualify to teach online after Summer 2023 you must complete Phase 1 by the end of Summer 2023.

Requests for Annual Contracts

Hi Folks, Just a friendly reminder, requests for Annual and Multi-Annual Contracts must be turned in by the 40th day of Fall Quarter.  You can find the form in our Resources section here on the site.  

General Membership Meeting

Please hold time on 11.15.23 for a General Membership Meeting.   The primary topic of discussion will be the upcoming bargain.  More details will follow.

Sick Leave Buy-Out Opportunity

Please watch your college email for a notice that your potential opportunity to sell back portions of your personal leave.   Please consult this FAQ, which can also be found on our resources page, to begin educating yourself about this choice.

Early Retirement Notification Deadline

Full-time faculty and OLS or ELI  Lead faculty must give notification of retirement by April 30th of the academic year prior to the academic year of their planned retirement to qualify for a stipend or phased retirement.   Please consult Article 19 of the contract for further details.