Faculty Election Results for 2021-22

Congratulations to the winners in this year’s elections, and thank you for all who were willing to stand for election.  Faculty leadership only becomes a reality when we actively step up to take on the work of governing ourselves and guiding the college.  Thanks again to all of you for answering the call.

2021-22 BCAHE Officers


  • Sue Nightingale

Vice President

  • Lindsay Haney – Lindsay Haney was an adjunct in the English department for four years before taking an FT position in 2018. He has served on the BCAHE Executive Committee since 2016, working on the Communications Committee and as one of our representatives to the Rainier Uniserv Council. He has also been active in the BCG governance system, as former chair of the Infrastructure Council and College Assembly. In the VP role, he would be particularly eager to help strengthen the association’s voice in equity issues and find new ways to support Adjunct security, working conditions, pay, and dignity.


  • Chace Stiehl – Hi Folks, I’ve been serving as Secretary/Treasurer for the past few years and modernized our budget around our values.  In particular this year we have moved significant funds into peer assistance and BIPOC advancement grants to meet the needs of our members and help resource work around social justice issues along side our ongoing efforts at building membership, community, and organizational strength.   I’ve also tried to ensure fiscal stability, liquidity, and responsibility in our finances.   In my duties as Secretary I have rejuvenated our Hoo’s News and launched our new website, bcahe.org.   Next year I hope to be able to “finish” the website and work on a social media strategy that can direct members to the website at critical moments.   As for my broader credentials, I am a Full Professor in Economics, past BCAHE President, past BCAHE Vice President, and played a critical role in bargaining into existence the funding/commitment for our current promotional structures for both adjunct and tenure-track faculty.

2021-2022 BCAHE Executive Council Members  

  • Ethan Anderson – Hi folks, I am Senior Associate Professor and Lead Faculty in the English Language Institute (ELI) and currently the chair of Bellevue College Faculty Council. In my 11 years at the college, some of my proudest accomplishments include working collaboratively with BCAHE on ELI faculty parity in 2017-18, helping align outcomes of pre-college English classes with credit-bearing ones, representing A&H as Faculty Council chair, helping bring “Food Truck Day” to Bellevue College and co-creating the music/English IDS-style class “Rock your Grammar World”. In my spare time, I enjoy playing bass guitar, singing and spending time with my wife and my two kids, who both, incidentally, spent time on campus at the BC Early Learning Center.
  • Engel Franken – I have been teaching Spanish and English full time here since 2014 and have served on executive council for the past two years. Last summer I served on the bargaining team for the first time. While we have done a lot locally to support adjuncts and check the administration, I want to push for more political engagement since the structural issues we face cannot be solved by us alone.
  • Anne-Mary Nash-Haruna
  • Eva Norling
  • Tobi Rosenberg – I have been an active member of the BCAHE Executive Council since 2013, as a council member, as Secretary-Treasurer, and, for the past 4 years, as Vice President. I have represented both full-time and adjunct faculty on the Contract Bargaining and Labor/Management teams since 2014. As the Washington Educational Association’s (WEA) Adjunct Representative to the Legislative Committee, I help to advocate for community and technical college faculty and students in Olympia.  I continue to believe that union work is about bringing our faculty voices together to build and maintain a campus community that we can be proud of.  Thank you for your support, Tobi Rosenberg
  • Ian Walker – I have been teaching in the Geography department as an adjunct since 2014 and have spent the last 3 years as a member and chair of the Infrastructure Council in BC Governance. I am very interested in becoming more involved in the union and would provide the perspective of an adjunct as we strive for a more equitable, transparent, and supportive institution.


  • Ethan Anderson
  • Lindsay Haney –Lindsay has never served as representative to WEA-RA and is eager to attend (virtually) this year to better understand our larger union’s initiatives in Olympia and advocate for higher ed in that agenda.  
  • Sue Nightingale
  • Tobi Rosenberg
  • Anne-Mary Nash Haruna

 Chair – Student Academic Grievance Committee 

  • Danielle Jacobson

Sabbatical Leave Committee

  • Heidi Songstad – My name is Heidi Songstad. I am the Faculty Chair of Adult Basic Education (ABE/HSC) in Basic and Transitional Studies (BaTS). I have taught at BC since 2008 as an adjunct, temporary full-time faculty, and tenured faculty. I am very interested in serving on the Sabbatical Review Committee to learn more about the process, learn about all the great work faculty are doing on their sabbaticals, and supporting faculty in their efforts to do sabbatical work.
  • Anthony Tessandori

 Tenure Review Committee

    • Ariane (Ann) Hayes
    • Molly Jae Vaughan -Molly Vaughan has been an Art Faculty member at BC since 2015. Since joining the Faculty at BC she has been a member of Faculty Commons, a TES Chair, and the Bob Purser Art Gallery Director. She is currently a member of the Steering Committee for the LGBT+ Task Force. Molly is also a member of the Board of Trustees for the Henry Art Gallery at UW. She began teaching in 1999 in Museum Education, then moved on to K-12 positions, followed by Part-Time Instructor positions at a number of Higher Education institutions before arriving at BC. As a Transwoman and active member of the queer community, Molly is committed to equity and is extremely aware of the bias that faculty from marginalized communities face within educational institutions and educational systems. Molly deeply values her role as a tenured professor at BC and is honored to be considered for this position on the TRC. 
  • One replacement position: term ends Fall 2023
    • Aron Segal

Program Review Committee

  • Sabrina Sanchez –Thank you for considering me for this position on the Program Review Committee. I am currently serving an interim one-year appointment on this committee and would like to continue engaging in productive conversations with program chairs about their successes, goals, and projects.

 Dismissal Review Committee

  • Charlene Freyberg – I have been a faculty member in the Criminal Justice Department for the past 11 years and have served as the Program Chair for the past 10 years.  Prior to teaching I was a federal investigator for background checks for positions requiring secret, top secret, and sensitive compartmental information for agencies like the Department of Defense, NASA, DEA, and many others. If you choose me to serve on the Dismissal Review Committee, I will make sure to be fair and just in reviewing the information and working with all parties involved. Thanks for your consideration.

Tenured Faculty Promotion Review Committee

  • Brian Casserly – I have taught history at the college since 2009, first as an adjunct and then as a tenured faculty member.  I have served on a range of committees at the college including several TES committees, the professional development committee, the executive council of BCAHE, and the curriculum committee.  I’m just finishing up a term on the Tenured Faculty Promotion Review Committee.  I would like to continue this work and use my prior experience to contribute to the committee for another term.  Thanks for considering me for election.
  • Chelsea Fast
  • Anne-Mary Nash Haruna