Faculty Elections for 2024-2025, Nomination Period opens on 1/12/24

HI Folks,

Faculty elections are just about a month away and our nomination period is just around the corner.   Please see the Hoo’s News, Election Special 2024 for a complete list of the positions beginning next year.   These elections will cover all the BCAHE positions and many of the committee positions across campus that are mandated by contract or LOA.  One noteworthy change is the splitting of the BCAHE Secretary/Treasurer position into separate Secretary and Treasurer roles.   Eligible faculty members can run for both of these roles or just one.

Any needed directions for selecting and nominating eligible faculty are detailed in the Hoo’s News, Election Special 2024.  The nomination period will run from 1/12/2024 to 1/26/2024, 5 p.m.  Please direct any questions and any nominations to bcahe@bcahe.org.

We thank you in advance for considering who you might nominate for these positions (possibly yourself), and we are ever thankful for colleagues who ensure faculty are represented.   A strong faculty voice is best assured by strong faculty participation and serving in these capacities is essential to shaping our working conditions and advocating for ourselves and our students.


Chace Stiehl, BCAHE Secretary/Treasurer