Faculty Elections for the 2022-23 are Concluded

* Hi Folks,

We at the BCAHE wanted to thank everyone who was willing to run for these governance posts.  The college only runs well when faculty are heavily involved, so thank you for your continued efforts and your commitment to shared governance at BC.  Please find below the elected faculty members for each position.

BCAHE President

  • Sue Nightingale

BCAHE Vice President

  • Lindsay Haney

BCAHE Secretary/Treasurer

  • Chace Stiehl

BCAHE Executive Council — Adjunct Members  

  • Kathy Hunt
  • Caroline Leffall
  • Tobi Rosenberg

BCAHE Executive Council — Full-Time Members  

  • Ethan Anderson
  • Eva Norling
  • Engel Szwaja-Franken

BCAHE Political Action Committee  

  • Tim Wellman
  • Tyler Saxon
  • Sue Nightingale

WEA-Representative Assembly Delegate

  • Ethan Anderson
  • Lindsay Haney
  • Engel Szwaja-Franken
  • Sue Nightingale
  • Caroline Leffall

Sabbatical Leave Committee

  • Stephanie Hurst
  • Deepti Karkhanis

Tenure Review Committee

  • Danielle Jacobson (Science)
  • Dan Mitchell (Science)

Dismissal Review Committee

  • Minnat Hamada

Tenured Faculty Promotion Review Committee

  • Jen Anderson (A&H)
  • Nicole Longpre (Library)

Chair – Student Academic Grievance Committee

  • Li Liu

Program Review Committee Seat 3

  • Laura Nudelman (A&H)

Program Review Committee Seat 1

  • Deepti Karkhanis (Social Science)

FACTC Representative

  • Elizabeth Harazim

Continuing Ed-AACC

  • Winnie Li
  • Tim Wellman