In-Person Office Hours

UPDATED 1.4.23 Office Hours are now going to be listed under HOME on the main ribbon for the site. Office Hours (

Dear Members –

As promised earlier in the quarter, we wanted to share some real-time options for speaking to a BCAHE officer or picking up a scarf in A123. Keep in mind that we’re continuing to see that the primary way folks want to bring concerns or questions to us is through email ( is the best option for keeping communication private), and that we’re delighted to meet in A123 or elsewhere on campus (or Teams or Zoom) by appointment at other times.

12:30-1:30 Monday – Lindsay Haney on Teams (standing by; just ring him up)

2:30-3:30 Tuesday – Sue in A123

8:30-9:20 Wednesday – Lindsay in A123

2:30-3:30 Thursday – Sue in A123

Next quarter we’ll strive for a greater diversity of times, and we’ll post them before the quarter begins. In the meantime, we appreciate seeing your faces virtually or in person.