Are you a member?

Membership in the Association is NOT automatic. Faculty join by filling out a membership form. You are not required to be a member and you are not automatically a member simply by being employed at BC. If you are not a member you are still represented by the Association in some ways. If you join, you gain additional rights and benefits and you pay Union Dues.

How can I tell if I am a member?

Look at your paystub's After-Tax Deductions on a check issued during the Fall, Winter, or Spring Quarter. You should see "Dues-AHE" if you are a member. If you don't, then inspect the next paycheck.  There are usually two lines, one for fixed and one for local dues.   If you see those deductions, you are a voting BCAHE member. If you don't, you aren't.

What rights and benefits are gained when you become a member of the union?

Members can take part in internal Association affairs. This means attending union meetings, holding office, or voting on Association matters, including ratifying the contract.

Members are entitled to access to the Legal Services Program and can be assigned a WEA staff member to represent them in disciplinary matters with the college. Members are also entitled to access other benefits such as the Attorney Referral Program for personal legal matters at discounted rates or for insurance coverage with Educators Employment Liability Insurance.

Current Dues Structure: 2023-2024 Dues