Special Elections for vacant seats on the TRC and FTPRC

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We will be holding a special election to fill two newly vacant TRC spots and one newly vacant spot on the Full-Time Promotion Review Committee (FTPRC).  We have moved to an electronic ballot this year to navigate current COVID restrictions.   Those survey/ballots will be made available shortly (5 p.m. 6/22); stay tuned for more details and watch your inbox.    In the meantime, you can start mulling over the candidates who have put themselves forward to be included on the ballot.   Also please check back here as we update this post with bios from candidates as we receive them.


Sunmi Ku (Science)I, Sunmi Ku, have been joining Bellevue College since 2007 and currently serving as an assistant chair in the mathematics program. I have served the Sabbatical Leave Committee (Fall15 – Spring17), and I finish my terms serving on the Tenure Review Committee this quarter (Fall18 – Spring21). I believe my experience at TRC will be well-used for serving the Full-Time Promotion Review Committee.


Anne-Mary Nash-Haruna (iBIT)

Kurt Friedrich (iBIT): Thank you for considering me for a position on the Tenure Review Committee. I teach computer programming classes in IBIT. I am a tenured faculty member just now completing my 10th year at Bellevue College. I have been a core team member of the Guided Pathways Committee since it got started.  As I would like to see the quality of BC courses and degrees improve over time, I might be a bit of a “hard grader” on the Tenure Review Committee.

Terry Hatcher (HSEWI)

Divisional Elections

Faculty Commons Council – Social Science (alternate)

Jaclyn Schultz (History): I have been very engaged with Faculty Commons’ programs since joining Bellevue College last fall as a tenure-track History instructor, applying what I’ve learned in workshops and book clubs to my teaching. I am also committed to equity work and to increasing diversity and inclusion on our campus. I would like to serve as the Social Science division Faculty Commons Council alternate to build professional development opportunities that align with DEI work. As a new faculty member, I can bring fresh insights to Faculty Commons. Beginning this work as an alternate will also allow me to grow into the role while becoming more engaged with equity-related professional development on campus. Ultimately, I believe our students’ success is our own success as faculty. We are fortunate that Faculty Commons supports that model and I would like to be a part of its efforts.

Leo Kiralla (Psychology): I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I have been a classroom teacher for 20 years. I have M.A. degrees in history and in psychology and I am a licensed therapist in Washington state. I have been currently teaching in the psychology department at BC for the past five years as an adjunct. I moderate the Psychology Club and really enjoy advising students. This year has been my first year in the tenure-track process and I am working on improving my pedagogy and getting more involved at BC. I also have been continuing my education working on my doctorate in clinical psychology. I am primarily training in neuropsychological assessment, personality assessment, and qualitative research methods. I hope to support my fellow faculty members in whatever way I can and to learn to build more community at BC.

Faculty Commons Council – Science (alternate)

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