The Adjunct Performance Evaluation (Form R2 and U2)

Adjunct Performance Evaluation (APE) Expectations

****The contract now distinguishes between REVIEWS in quarters two (2) and five (5) and EVALUATIONS at quarter eight (8) and and every 3 years after.  This page is about EVALUATIONS.**** 

ALL Adjunct faculty should be evaluated on schedule.  According to the BCAHE contract, adjunct faculty should be formally evaluated during their eighth quarter teaching at BC and then every three (3) years.

There is a formal process for the Adjunct Performance Evaluation.  The elements of the APE include a classroom observation, a self-review, and an analysis of the instructor’s student evaluations.  You must also submit your syllabi for review. There is an opportunity for an adjunct to disagree (in writing) with the Performance Evaluation as well.  The PTPR will determine if the faculty member is meeting expectations, exceeding expectations, or not meeting expectations.  Details can be found in Article 26.4 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (which is posted in the HR section of MyBC and in the main ribbon on our homepage).

The Program Chair (or designee) conducts the Adjunct Performance Evaluation.   The APE is signed by the Adjunct instructor, Program Chair, and Dean.  It is then forwarded to Human Resources and saved in the instructor’s personnel file.  You can see a samples of the forms that will be used below.

Adjunct Self-Evaluation Form R2

Adjunct Performance Evaluation U2

Online Course Observation Guidelines